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Berlin Vegan Haul Part 1

I spent twelve amazing days in the vegan capital of Europe…. Berlin. It is a haven for vegans as everywhere you turn there are delicious foods tempting you. I will be sharing all the tasty food I ate with you in a separate post, but today it is all about the goodies I brought home. I brought that much back with me I have had to split the haul up into three posts (I’m sorry if you don’t like food hauls) Today’s items are from REWE and Denns (the UK needs Denns). I don’t know the exact prices as I threw my receipts away…smart move…..also the lighting in some of the pictures aren’t great as I wanted to photograph these items quickly…so I could eat them sooner.

vegan gummy sweets

First up we have the selection of gummy sweets I brought back… I ate so many of the Frucht-grizzlies whilst I was over there that REWE ran out (in my defence they only had six packets to start with)… I’m not proud of that fact however they are so delicious and more-ish you would understand if you tried them. Like most vegan gummy sweets they aren’t as chewy as their counterparts but that doesn’t bother me – the cute bears with love hearts on their stomachs makes up for it. These were the only items I brought back from REWE… everything else in this post is from Denns. I am yet to try the other sweets but I had to pick up the fizzy sour ones – I’m assuming they are fizzy as I don’t read/speak german. The Soft Berries are really tasty I tried a bag whilst I was in Berlin (I promise I ate other things not just sweets). Each bag was around €2.50 which is pretty reasonable.

vegan chocolate

It wouldn’t be a Hayley Loves post if it didn’t feature chocolate….let me tell you the Germans know how to do chocolate! I have tried Vivani before so when I saw these bars I knew I had to pick some up, I love anything chocolate orange so of course this bar was going to make it into my basket. The rice chocolate one is for baking it would have been silly not to pick it up as I do like Vivani chocolate but wasn’t sure how it would taste melted down…now I don’t need to worry about that as I have this. I am thinking of making rice crispy style chocolate nests with them (if it works out I will do a post on them). If you go to Berlin and visit Denns (they are all over the city) you don’t have to check the ingredients/read the packaging as the store is so well labelled  below every item there is the price as well as other free from info, if it is vegan it  will contain a large V symbol (I feel like I haven’t explained that very well). Around €3.00 each.

vegan cookies These Oat cookies are so tasty, I picked them up on a whim not thinking they would be great, my oh my how wrong was I. I ended up eating a bag on New Year’s Eve and at the next available opportunity I went out and got some more. They aren’t over flavourful but there is something about them that makes them rather addictive. Because they are made with oats I always feel like these are healthier (fab logic there). I think these were around €2-3.00 a bag.

ichoc cookieichoc is a brand that I have tried before, it was actually the first vegan chocolate I ever tried. They had the WHOLE range, so many flavours we don’t have in the UK. I could have bought so many more but I was sensible and stuck to these two bars…yes they are the same flavour but I do really like it. They have what seems to be little pieces of Oreo cookie inside the bar. As I said you can get these in the UK and would highly recommend. They were around €1.99 each.

vivani crispy cornflake

looooove these bars – that’s why I bought so many of them they were €0.99 each and I thought it would be a little bit obsessive if I brought back more. Again you can get these in UK but whilst they were there I stocked up. They have little pieces of corn flakes in them – hence the name. Usually when chocolate has corn flakes inside it’s always really hard and I end up cutting my mouth…is that just me?! But the pieces are really small, just enough to taste it without it being overwhelming.

That’s it for part one of the haul, in a couple of weeks I will be sharing part two. Have you tried any of the items I have shown? If you have did you like them? What’s your favourite vegan treats? I just want to say I love Berlin – I would highly recommend it to anybody! Thanks for reading.


  • Nicole

    14/01/2017 at 15:28

    Oh gosh this post made me so hungry! I’m not vegan but if there are tasty treats that don’t have animal products then all the better. Also LOVE Berlin, it’s one of my favourite places!

    • Hayley Loves

      18/01/2017 at 12:45

      They really are so tasty aren’t they! I wish I had bought more but thankfully I can get them from a store in my city. I can’t wait to go to London in August because I am heading straight to Black Cat 🙂 xo

    • Hayley Loves

      22/01/2017 at 16:21

      How exciting – congratulations! April is sooo close – i bet you are so excited for your little girl to arrive! Being Vegan is the easiest thing I have ever done. Good luck on your journey xo

  • Laila

    20/01/2017 at 20:34

    I love vivani!!! The cornflake ones are my favourite but I also adore the ones with waffle. My local corner shop sells them (although it’s £1.49 in there) so if I feel like a treat I pick one up. They’re great! x

    • Hayley Loves

      22/01/2017 at 16:19

      £1.49 :O that’s ridiculous! Although they are worth it (IMO) – I’ve never tried the waffle one… think I need to go on the hunt for that flavour! thanks for commenting xo


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