Vegan Tuck Box #4

This months Vegan Tuck Box is one of the best boxes I have ever received – I’m not joking! The minute I opened the box I squealed as I saw some of the items peeking up to see me. I am still getting the Ultimate box which is 10-13 items a month for £16.50 (excluding shipping) with a percentage of sales going to a different charity each month. This months charity is Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary, which rescue primates are offered a safe home. They help rescue monkeys in distress, cruel circumstances and then give them a forever home where they are rehabilitated. Such a great cause, don’t you agree!

The Simply 7 Quinoa Crisps in Salt and Vinegar (£2.30) are incredible! I love them they are really addictive and full of flavour. I highly recommend the brand as the previous flavours I have tried have been equally tasty.  The Landgarten Crunchy Coco snack (£1.00) I have had before in another subscription box, which I didn’t mind as I honestly really like them – I see them as the vegan malteasers – which you can’t go wrong with – again they are so tasty you will find yourself eating one after another and before you realise it they have all gone…or is that just me!? fullsizeoutput_111

I gave the Mr Filberts chilli seeds (£1.50) to James and he said that they were great. I asked how the flavour was, and he told me that some of the seeds were mild in flavour then there were the odd ones that were incredibly spicy. He would happily get these again. I gave the Vegan Mini No Cheddars (£1.25) to my grandma as I knew it would be something she would enjoy, and she really did. She said though they are small they pack a punch…she felt like she had had a really good snack and said she would pick them up again if she saw them around. I also gave her the free sample of Coffee Alternative to her as she is a massive coffee fan, I don’t think she has tried it yet.


The Moo Free baking drops (£3.25) are incredible!!! I have used them for a hack post that will be coming up in the next month or so. Honestly they are worth the price and you get loads in a pack. They taste like traditional drops and I am so happy I got these in the box. I am a huge fan of Moo Free anyway but these little beauties are perfect! The Belvas flaked Truffles  (£3.99) were really rich and the perfect amount of chocolate…the only thing is to me they don’t remind me of a truffle but regardless they were a really nice addition and I am glad I got to try them.fullsizeoutput_11d

We all know how much I love the brand Baked In  (£1.50) brand I have blogged about them in the past, so when I saw that we had the chocolate cookie one I was so excited. I love cookies and I love things that I can make in a mug. This is the perfect item for me. I haven’t tried it yet as I haven’t been in the mood for one, but rest assured when I do I will tell you.


I have to admit I really wanted to like the Zoot bar (£0.99) however I couldn’t, the smell and taste of peanut really put me off…I can’t stomach the taste of peanut which is a shame as it did look really tasty. I gave it to my Grandma who said it was nice but she couldn’t taste the caramel. If you like peanuts then this is the one for you.

I haven’t tried the Friya superfood drink (£2.10) yet as to be honest I am really reluctant too. I don’t think I can get my head around not only the flavours but the fact there is chia seeds inside. Maybe one day when I am feeling brave. I haven’t tried the Raw Halo Mylk Mint Crisp chocolate (£3.00) yet either but I love the packaging so pretty (I love pastels) – I am saving it for the day I really need a chocolate fix.

I really loved this months box – I really don’t know how they keep finding awesome products. I think my favourite item(s) are the Simply 7 crisps and the Moo Free chocolate drops – I would 100% buy them again if I saw them in store. I believe Asda sell a couple of flavours of the crisps so I need to go check out my local store to find them. Did you get this months box? What are you loving from it, or if you don’t have a subscription box – what vegan treat are you enjoying this month?


  • Kaylee

    22/12/2016 at 15:29

    I’ve never seen a vegan mug cookie! Bet it’s gonna taste amazing!
    This box is full of yummy treats to snack on and they’re all healthy! Thanks for sharing xx

    Kaylee 🎅ㅣJK’s Dawn

  • Sarah

    04/01/2017 at 18:46

    I’ve never heard of this vegan tuck box before but I want one now! I saw the Quinoa crisps in a little temple I visited the other day along with hummus chips (which I have tried, and they’re incredible) so I think these will have to go on my next shopping list. Unfortunately I’m allergic to peanuts so I couldn’t enjoy the Zoot bar either haha, but the rest of these snacks look fab. I’ve been loving the Morrisons free-from Rocky Road lately. It’s £2.50 for a pack of 5 and better than any ‘real’ chocolate I’ve ever had!

    I run a lifestyle blog with some posts I think you may like, it would mean a lot if you could check it out! Can’t wait to read more of your posts. Sarah xx

    • Hayley Loves

      05/01/2017 at 10:41

      oooh i LOVE the free from rocky roads so much so I no longer go to Morrisons because i will fill my basket up (I have no self control haha) . I highly recommend the Vegan tuck Box you should order a box and you can cancel at any minute. I’m also addicted to crisps and love finding new vegan crisps 🙂

      I will check your blog out – thanks for posting 🙂 xo


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