Weight Loss Wednesday #1

I made the decision on the 1st of November that I was going to take back my life. I have been both ends of the scale and at the moment thanks to a lot of medication, comfort eating and generally not taking care of what I ate – I realised that I couldn’t carry on the way I was. I decided to join Weight Watchers, I have seen a lot of success stories on Instagram and felt really encouraged that I signed up for a three month online plan. I ordered myself some of their scales and as they say the rest is history.

A few years ago I joined Slimming World and yes I lost 1.5 stones but it also triggered my eating issues and I became very very obsessed. Yes I have only been doing Weight Watchers for two weeks but I can tell already that my eating issues aren’t going to be a problem, for once in my life I feel in control of what I eat but in a healthy way. In my first week I lost 7lbs which is HALF A STONE! I followed the plan, tracked every smart point, I even ate out for a meal and managed to lose weight. I think I might do a more in depth post on Weight Watchers in the future. Heading into my second weigh in I was really nervous as I had a lot going on and didn’t eat the best, although Vegan treats are somewhat better for you.

This week I managed to lose a pound, which I was so happy with as I have had a really tough week (in my personal life). To be honest I was expecting a gain. I celebrated mine and James’ three year anniversary as well as his birthday all within three days of each other. I have had some problems with a medication I am taking which caused a week of crying at anything, loss of appetite but then a sudden rush for food as well as other things. Like I said I expected a gain, however through out everything I tracked everything I ate on the app which helped me stay in control (a little bit).


Next Week I would love to have lost 3-5 pounds which if I put my mind too it I know I can do. As you read this I will be in Dublin for the day, I have already checked for places to eat and looked to see how many smart points there are in a Starbucks soy hot chocolate…it’s always better to be prepared!!

Are you on a weight loss journey? Do you do Weight Watchers...or any other weight loss group.  If you do, how did you do this week? I would love to know in the comments below.


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