Vegan Tuck Box #3

This month I decided to upgrade my Vegan Tuck Box to the Ultimate box which means I get between 10-13 items a month. This does obviously increase the price so every month I now pay £20.00 (including postage). Of course I was excited to see what I would get inside this box – so as soon as the postman dropped it off I didn’t hesitate in ripping the box open (which then went into the recycle bin!). Are you ready to take a look at what I got for October…..

As you can see I got my moneys worth. Last month we got a different flavour of Simply 7 crisps this month we got Kale with lemon and olive oil – I have to admit I wasn’t as keen on these as the other flavour as these tasted too healthy. Yes you read that right I said too healthy, they are nice but they didn’t blow my mind like the other flavour. I gave James the mixed nuts (which he said were really nice) as well as the White Chocolate Vegan Hero bar. My Grandma got the liquorice as I am not a fan of it – at first she was hesitant to try it as it was mint flavoured but once she started eating it she said it was delicious and she would happily buy it in the future!


If you have followed my blog for a while you know how much I love Anandas Round Ups – so this was right up my street….yummy treats mixed with Halloween = perfect! The Moo Free drops are delicious they are like little drops of heaven – I haven’t seen these in stores but will 100% be looking out for them just incase! I think they will be perfect if you are making chocolate chip cookies etc.


Every month a percentage of the money goes to charity, and this months charity is to get a prosthetic limb for Flossie the sheep, hence why we got chocolate lambs. These sheep shaped chocolates are solid chocolate and are so tasty – if someone had told me it was “normal” chocolate I would have believed you …. so good!


These Vegan Hero bars are incredible, as I mentioned earlier I gave the White Chocolate Almond bar to James as he loves white chocolate. I kept the Hazelnut Milk Chocolate bar for myself – the taste reminded me of the green triangles that you get in Quality Streets – so delicious! They are a German company and I can not wait to go to Berlin in December and try and find some of these bars. That is my mission and I will not fail! James also loved the White Chocolate one – he said it reminded him of Caramac.

I also tried the Blueberry and Chia bar which was so tasty – I found it had the perfect consistency chewy with a little crunch. If you see these I would highly recommend! As you can see I have made a dent in this months box – it was a really good box, not my favourite box but I did still enjoy it. The Vegan Hero bar was without a doubt my favourite product of the box.


I highly recommend Vegan Tuck Box they are a great (local) company who take the hassle out of find vegan snacks. They do a large range of different boxes as well as having a Tuck Shop, so if you aren’t wanting a monthly box you can still order the odd treat. Have you tried any of these treats? Let me know in the comments below.


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