Disneyland Paris

Last month James and I hopped onto a plane and jetted off to the land of Disney – aka Disneyland Paris (we did spend the night before in Paris as well as two days after DLP in Paris) I went to Disneyland when I was much much younger and this was James’ first time, which was so exciting. When we told people we were going to DLP a lot of people said “aren’t you too old to go!?” the answer to that my friends is…you are never too old to go. We are both in our twenties and managed to get swept up in the magic. I thought today I would share a few pictures from our trip.

Our favourite ride had to be Pirates of the Caribbean – we ended up riding it several times a day. It is so much fun, sadly it doesn’t feature Captain Jack Sparrow. I don’t want to spoil too much of the ride but it is filled with a few good surprises. I love the fact the ride goes through the Blue Lagoon restaurant. Every time we went on the ride it was a walk on, I can’t imagine having to queue for the ride as those queue lines can be so long. I guess the fact we went in the quiet period helped.


We went on It’s A Small World and I am not kidding – it was the creepiest ride I have ever gone on! It was terrifying – I don’t like dolls/figures at the best of times but when they are based on children that sing in a creepy way….oh no no no! I spent most of the ride closing my eyes and hoping it would be over! I swear that one of the figures followed me with it’s eyes. Another thing about this ride is the song… gets stuck in your head. I’m not joking – once it’s there it never leaves! James ever so kindly said to me “just think of waking up and seeing the dolls at the end of your bed” – it’s a good job I love him otherwise he would be out the door lol!


One thing that Disneyland Paris does right is the fact you can go up into the Castle … that’s right you can climb some stairs and explore. The stain glass windows are so beautiful and they tell the story of Briar Rose aka Sleeping Beauty. You can also go outside and look out over Fantasyland. James and I went during Extra Magic Hours (EMH) so it wouldn’t be too busy and our pictures from the turrets wouldn’t be ruined by hundreds of people inside Fantasyland. I highly recommend visiting the Castle if you go to DLP.


On our very last day during EMH all the characters were out in the park filming, and we managed to get some really good pictures of our favourite characters. I love Alice In Wonderland and was so happy to get this photo. James got some amazing pictures of Rapunzel and Belle for Isla and my sister. It was so cool having literally all the characters out and as I said we got pictures of all of them – I’m not going to put them all on here because trust me this post would be so long.


We couldn’t have gone to Disneyland without buying a set of ears each. I really wanted the silver sparkle ears but couldn’t find them anywhere (then on our last day I spotted them in a random shop!) and if you are a man the selection is so small. James went for these ears which were so cute. This was his first pair – as when we were waiting to watch Dreams (by the side of the royal stage) he was off getting popcorn and I moved benches (I had all the bags and ears etc) I literally moved two benches over and James came back and went “Where are my ears?”. I quickly panicked and looked in all the bags and then turned to look at the bench we were sat on…and low and behold the child that was sat behind us that had no bags who was wearing the big Mickey hat was all of a sudden wearing these ears. His Mum saw us looking and by the time we went to say something she shoved them on her head and very quickly walked away! I’m still to this day upset…if I saw someone dropping/leaving their ears behind I would go and give them to the person. I’m not going to lie I did have a little cry James said it didn’t matter, but to me it did. I wanted us to have matching ears to display etc….I did buy James another pair but it’s not the same!


If you have read my DLP Haul  you will know I love Rex so when I saw this figure inside the Toy Story land at the Studios I did a little squeal! He is just so darn cute – look at him! There isn’t much more I can say about him other than “Awww how cute!”. Toy Story land was really good and you are made to feel like a toy walking through it. Well worth a visit although every time we went it was so busy!

We ended up taking over 2,000 pictures between us whilst we were away. I love to scrapbook so I will be putting a lot of them into a book. Although I still have to do Prague and Dublin’s books. But I will get there. I highly recommend DLP and will be doing a Top 5 things to do in DLP, in the next few weeks. Have you ever gone to Disneyland Paris, or perhaps one of the other parks around the world….I would love to know below. Perhaps you have blogged about it….share them below in the comments – I would love to read them!


  • Kaylee

    18/10/2016 at 08:36

    Disneyland Paris is one of my travel wish list places cause the castle is soooo beautiful! I think it’s just the prettiest castle of all the Disneyland castles! And I remember riding the similar one to It’s a small world at Tokyo Disney Sea, it was really creepy & I thought exactly the same as you did! anyway, thanks for sharing these photos, I loved reading it! xx

    Kaylee❤️ㅣJK’s Dawn

    • Hayley Loves

      18/10/2016 at 10:09

      Oh my goodness Tokyo Disneyland is on my Travel List – it looks incredible as does Tokyo DisneySea! I do love DLP’s castle 🙂 Finally someone who agrees with me about It’s A Small World haha 🙂 Thank you for your lovely comment xo


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