Vegan Town Haul #2

It’s no surprise that I am doing another post about Vegan Town, my love for this company grows more and more every time I order. This time I didn’t go to mad with my order as I had just got back from Paris but wanted some new snacks to try.

I just had to pick up another box of these delicious Caramel Choices (£3.99), they are so delicious and moreish. I can’t explain how incredible these taste all I can say is pick up a box….you won’t regret it! Next up is Groupie (£3.99) I had a box of these in one of my subscription boxes, it would have been silly not to get more. Vegan Town have several flavours of the Groupie chocolates, I think next time I will grab a box of the orange version (my mouth is watering just at the thought of these). I finally managed to get an Orange Round Up (£2.49 each) I was not disappointed, sometimes I find with orange flavourings it can be really strong and artificial – where as with this it has the perfect balance and it left me wanting more! I have tried the original Round Up before so I am not going to talk about it as I have done in a previous post. Last but not least I grabbed these strawberry laces (£1.79) as when I was younger I really liked them and I haven’t had them in ageeees! All I am going to say is they taste SO good!

It was only a small haul today but I wanted to share it with you – I have found since going vegan how impressed I am with the huge range of sweets and chocolates that are available that in my opinion taste so much nicer than the dairy version. Even if you aren’t a vegan I highly recommend checking out the chocolates as usually they are much better for you, and see if you can taste the difference.

Have you tried anything from this haul? What’s your favourite chocolate/sweets at the moment?!


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