Vegan Tuck Box #2

Well, well, well what duo we have here, I am posting on a Thursday this feels weird as I usually post on a Tuesday and Friday, however I was well aware the month was almost to an end and I hadn’t got this post up. So here it is this was Septembers box from Vegan Tuck Box and it was amazing! I loved everything apart from one thing which was the nuts I gave them to James. But honestly, how do the boxes keep getting better and better – very impressive! Lets get on with the review/round up shall we!?

The Simply 7 Lentil Crisps reminded me very much of the Eat Real crisps, and this flavour was pretty much identical to their Tomato and Basil flavour which tastes like pizza to me. These Bruschetta flavour also tasted like pizza, I really enjoyed them and sadly they didn’t last long as they were so moreish I couldn’t stop myself! The Fudge Kitchen fudge was the most incredible fudge I have ever eaten, seriously it was amazing so rich, creamy and decadent! The Yum Earth Naturals sour beans were really tasty, I especially loved the cherry one. I shared these with James and even he said they were good. Again these were so good you couldn’t jut have a few. I managed to have these for two weeks and saved the last one because I was sad they were over…. I did eventually eat it!

Now the best item in this whole box were the Goupie chocolate…. who ever came up with this recipe I tip my imaginary hat to you! These triangles of goodness are slightly chewy yet with a crisp, I can’t describe them without salivating. All I can say is get a box and see for yourself. They will make a brilliant gift for someone (aka yourself!) Also you get a fair few of them in this box. I am sad I don’t have any left they would be perfect for watching the Great British Bake Off with!

I can’t wait to see what the October box has to offer – if you want to pick up a box head over to their website. They have also released a limited edition Lifestyle box that includes non food items which are perfect for this time of year. I am very tempted to get myself one. Have you tried anything from this box before?


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