DisneyLand Paris Haul

I got back from DLP a week ago and I miss it dearly, yes I am almost 27 but I got swept up in the magic just like children do. My boyfriend James who was reluctant to go ended the trip with “we are coming back”. Now this post isn’t going to be about our trip (that will be a separate post) today it is about the goodies I bought whilst I was there… I did buy gifts for people however I have already handed them out. There was so much to choose from and I found it really overwhelming, the good thing for me is I don’t collect/use stuffed teddies (or plushies I believe they are called) so I could instantly dismiss all of them, and trust me there were hundreds of them in all the shops! Be warned it is a photo heavy post!

I love Alice In Wonderland it is one of my favourite stories as well as film! I couldn’t not pick something up with her on it, and James very kindly bought me the Cheshire Cat bowl (I bought him the Stitch version). I also bought my niece the same bowl as she loves the Cheshire Cat! I haven’t used them yet, in all honesty I don’t think I will use them as I don’t want them to break! I had to pick up a keyring – I am slightly addicted to them, I have three keys and at one point I had over 10 chains on them. I have since retired a lot of them but thought I would add a spark of Disney to my keys!


This Princess Pasta was so hard to find, our hotel had a Cars and a Mickey and Minnie one but they didn’t have this version. I searched high and low and it was only when we were in the Studios I managed to pick up a bag for myself and a bag for my sister. I got them in the shop to your left as soon as you have gone through the ticket barrier at the Studios.


I had eyed up the cookie cutter all week every time I went in to World Of Disney I made a bee line for it and would pick it up have a look and then put it back down. On our very last day I made the decision to buy it, it represents both parts of our holiday : Disney and Paris. I am going to hopefully make Disney shaped burgers in the not so distance future (if they work out, expect a post). Now the DLP tub was a souvenir tub that you got with your popcorn (you pay a lot for it!) James was in charge of getting the popcorn and he returned with this tub full as well as the “normal” popcorn! This popcorn is delicious, I don’t know how they do it but it tastes like no other popcorn I have ever tasted – maybe because they make it fresh whilst you wait. Wow I do like to ramble about popcorn, this tub came home empty but when James and I make our own popcorn we can put it in this… or maybe we could store home baked cookies inside (the list is endless!)

I couldn’t not pick up a notebook, I love stationary I have more notebooks then I care to admit and I have this weird thing where I don’t like to write in them incase I mess up (I know I am not the only one!) I may use this as a blogging note book for all my ideas on posts etc… time will tell!


This girl loves Christmas (it may have to do with the fact that my birthday is 10 days before!) I just love Christmas! I love the whole build up, decorating the tree, Christmas Music aka Michael Buble the whole lot, I especially love the family time! So it would have been rude not to pick up an ornament and I restricted myself to these (I did buy two rose gold baubles for my Mum and sister). James and I have a tradition where, where ever we go if there are Christmas ornaments available we pick one up so when we do live together our Christmas Tree will only have our collection of baubles from around the world. As soon as I saw these I knew I had to have them, they are so pretty and yes they are in the shape of Mickey ears I feel they are a lot more subtle then some of the others I had seen! I love that in all the shops of DLP you can find Christmassy items! The World Of Disney for me had the best collection of all things Christmas! I have to go back when James and I live together so I can get some more Christmas items!

img_3979 img_3980

Oh beautiful beautiful Rex! If I were a character from a Disney/Pixar film I would be Rex… he is me! If you want to know what I am like then just listen to Rex ( I am also a mix of Alice and Snow White). James again very kindly bought me him, apparently he had been looking at getting me something whilst we were at DLP but hadn’t found the perfect thing until we saw Rex! He is a pillow pet and I do already own a Unicorn pillow pet (I named her Dorris) but she is getting very old and mis shaped! Rex is huge almost double the size of Dorris and he takes up so much room on my bed but I love him anyway! He is so comfy and he makes me smile whenever I see him, I just love his mouth! I am so thankful to James for getting me him 🙂

Now that is everything I bought, as I said earlier I didn’t go too crazy with my shopping (I did buy more as gifts etc) – I am already dreaming of returning to DLP and the magical shops that are within! Just a heads up if you are looking for the Beauty and The Beast Tsums Tsums I managed to pick up Belle and Beast, Belle was in the Disney Store and Beast was in World of Disney – both of which are located in the Disney Village!

Have you ever been to Disneyland Paris? What did you pick up? As I always say “you are never too old for Disney”.


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