Brownies in 60 seconds

The brand Bakedin seem to be all over my Instagram at the moment, which clearly meant I had to buy some of their products to see what the fuss was about. I love brownies although the hassle to make them and the washing up puts me off making them. This is where Bakedin step in, they have a range of mug kits where you add butter and milk/water (as I’m a vegan I add the vegan alternative). I have lost count of how many of these I have eaten (I should be ashamed but I’m really not).



All you need to do is add 15g of butter into a mug, melt it in the microwave then add your mixture and milk (not gonna lie I eyeball the measurements and it always works) then mix it all together pop it back into the microwave for around a minute. I find 70 seconds does the trick. The brownie will rise up to the top of your mug (or it does for me). Once it pings I take the mug out wait for it to cool like the tub says…..I lie I instantly eat whilst it’s warm, gotta love warm brownies!

154I have yet to try this Sticky Toffee one I got it in my August Vegan Tuck Box, I think I might just give this to James as I know he loves STP (I’m such a good girlfriend). You make this up exactly like the other one. I haven’t added pictures of it made up because it would literally be my Viva campaign mug with a brownie in it (duh, of course it is Hayley because that’s what you have made). I think these are such a quick tasty treat to make,  I love that the Vegan Tuck Box sells them in a pack of three. I am certainly going to be adding these to my Christmas wish list, yes I am already thinking about soon as the X Factor starts you know it’s the countdown to Xmas.

Have you tried these before? If so do you add anything extra ie) choc shot, ice cream etc… I would love to know in the comments below.

*This post is a scheduled post I am currently in Disneyland Paris and will be home on the 18th September*


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