Vegan Town Subscription Box

I first heard about Vegan Town after watching Sarah’s video on her reviewing them I then went to her blog and read the post she had done about their one off subscription box and found that she had a discount code. It would have been rude not to order…right!? I popped on over to their website and ordered myself a box for £20 (+ shipping) seen as I had a discount code I thought I would order a few more items which will be featured in another post. Let me tell you they shipped this box so fast – I ordered late Tuesday night and by Thursday morning it had arrived (I had paid for normal delivery) I wish other companies were like this!


The one off boxes include between 10-14 items which are all a surprise, I got a few items that Sarah had got but the rest was different. I was so happy when I saw that they had included Booja Booja truffles (we all know I like these as I mentioned in this post) . The box was packed like a game of Tetris so bravo to AJ (I got an email update saying who had made my order).

Alot of the brands I had never heard of before and I think boxes like this help open up a brand new world of snacks to us vegans. I think the box would be brilliant for someones birthday, Christmas, a pick me up gift or maybe you know someone who thinks that all vegans eat is salad send them this and they will be very surprised and it might help open up their eyes! I also think it will be brilliant for someone who is newly vegan and are feeling overwhelmed this box will help them realise they don’t have to give up chocolate etc.

My favourite thing I have tried so far from this box is the Caramel Choices they are simply divine! They taste like nothing I have even eaten before and the caramel is incredible! I am a chocoholic so that might sway my opinion how ever I will be adding these to the “I must buy these again list”.  One thing I wasn’t keen on were the Crunchee Bites – I had tried these before and thought my opinion might change, however I really don’t like how they stick in my teeth.

I saved around £2.00’s I believe – I will 100% be ordering again, They do have a monthly sub box so check out their website for more information.  Have you ordered anything from Vegan Town before?


  • Joey

    12/09/2016 at 15:37

    Oooh – a new vegan subscription box for me to try! Dangerous things blogs – you pop over to read a post, then suddenly you’re reaching for your credit card… Those Caramel Choices and Booja Booja are my idea of heaven. That’s a great selection.

    • Hayley Loves

      18/09/2016 at 20:32

      They really are aren’t they. I have a huge list of things I want to try thanks to blogs! The caramel choices are little balls of heavens haha 🙂 I love Booja Booja very expensive but worth every single penny 🙂 xo


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