Vegan Friendly Restaurants

One thing that my family loves to do is to eat out, when I first went vegan I was a little bit worried that I wouldn’t be able to eat with them however I shouldn’t have worried! Eating out as a vegan has never been easier – if there isn’t anything specifically for vegans you can easily substitute items that would then make it vegan…or another favourite of mine is to order as many sides as you want (obvs as long as they are vegan). Below are a few of my top high street places to eat.

One place on the British high street that is perfect for vegans is Handmade Burger Company – not only are the vegan options clearly labelled they also provide a lot of options. Whereas most places only have say one option available for vegetarians/vegans there are several – it’s great that HBC are leading the pack for vegans. Not only do they have burgers and salads they also do a vegan friendly shake! I love their rosemary salt chips and they do good sweet potato fries too! My favourite thing to order is a Chickpea and Quinoa burger with a mushroom on top (I love mushrooms!)


This next one is a newly discovered place that is great for vegans – Zizzi’s (it’s been around for ages but I have only ever eaten there as a vegan). They do a whole separate Vegan menu : which includes pizza, pasta, wine and dessert! I order a pizza with spinach, mushrooms and artichoke – I don’t know what “cheese” they use but it is the most creamy tasty cheese I have ever eaten (including “normal cheese”), It reminded me of a lasagne sauce which is another favourite dish of mine! This pizza was delicious and I often crave it.

PicMonkey Collage11

Now the last one I am going to talk about today is a restaurant that has come over from America and has only two locations in the UK … Leeds and Brighton. How would I describe Mod pizza?! Hmmm a little but like subway but for pizza. When I ate there their red sauce wasn’t suitable for vegans however thanks to an instagram update they now how a vegan friendly red sauce. I ordered a garlic base (they also do BBQ) spinach, mushrooms, artichokes and roasted cauliflower with dairy free cheese. The base of this pizza was so thin yet the crust was perfectly doughy. I loved it and loved the whole vibe of the restaurant – the minute you walk in all the staff greet you and when you leave they all say bye. As you can see in the picture I left a Viva thank you card – I seriously love these and leave them anywhere that has vegan food, I ordered 50 and I am slowly working my way through them.

Have you eaten at any of these places? Where are you favourite vegan friendly restaurants? I would love to know as I am always on the hunt for new food places.


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