Vegan Junk Food

Hey and welcome back. Today’s post is all about vegan junk food. Yes us vegans can eat junk food just like everybody else – I’m slightly biased but I think ours is 100% better, not only is it cruelty free it’s also usually not that bad for you. The food that I am going to show you has specifically been designed for vegans which usually makes them a little bit more expensive however they are well worth the price. I will be doing a separate post in the future on accidentally vegan products so keep an eye out for that. Now lets get on to some delicious snacks and I can guarantee you will be drooling by the end of this post.


I first discovered these vegan wagon wheels whilst watching Megan’s video talking about the orange flavour. As soon as I saw they were going to be at the Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival I knew I had to try one. Stupidly I only bought one which was a rookie error on my part! These incredibly tasty snacks retail for £2.50 which are well worth it – I suppose you could cut it in half and save it for later – but I’m not that kind of girl! They do three flavours : mint, orange and original. I believe these also do gluten free. I love the “Eat Me” embossed onto it it reminds me of Alice In Wonderland (which is one of my favourite books and films) I have since tried the mint flavour which was equally tasty…all that’s left is for me to try the orange. Follow Ananda’s on twitter for up to date news.


Great photography skills there Hayley! Although this isn’t the best picture of what is quite frankly the best cookie i have ever eaten I still really wanted to talk about it. I have seen Lenny and Larry cookies all over the internet and I thought that seen as they are an american company I wouldn’t be able to try them…. low and behold I got one in a Vegan Tuck Box I squealed when I saw this and it took all my will power not to eat it straight away (snaps for me). When I did get round to eating it I have to tell you it was like little bites of heaven! I’m not joking nor hyping it up – I didn’t know if I was a fan of birthday cake flavours (I had tried birthday cake M&Ms in the past and thought they were gross) I guess the fact that these are cruelty free and taste 100% better certainly helped. Now look at those sprinkles – it was incredible and I tell everyone I meet that you have to try these. They do loads of different varieties and I have since tried the double chocolate chip one (I ordered it from amazon) I really must make a trip to America so I can stock up! Check out their instagram for drool worthy pictures.


I very recently talked about the Loving Earth Salted Caramel chocolate bar in this post . I can’t describe how rich, creamy and decedent this bar is! Seriously you just have to try it to believe it! My mouth is watering just thinking about it – it’s a good job I have a back up, although I am considering giving it to my boyfriend to keep so I don’t eat it all in one go (greedy but understandable). I am planning on taking this to Paris and Disneyland with me for a sugar fix….if it lasts that long! This is an Australian brand, I am very jealous of you Aussies who can get this so readily! Check them out on Twitter.

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Eat Real is a really great brand full of very tasty crisps – I love the sour Cream ones although these Tomato Basil ones are at the top of the list – they seriously taste like pizza…who doesn’t love pizza!? You can get personal sized bags as well as sharing bags, although they are too good to share! You can get them from a number of supermarkets as well as Holland and Barrett, I found some different flavours in my local health store Out of this World in Leeds so check your local stores for them! They are so worth the hunt – they are delicious, my four year old niece Isla really likes the Sour Cream ones ( I couldn’t say no to sharing them with her!) Check out their instagram.

Booja Booja is a gift from the Gods – no joke! They do incredible ice cream albeit a little pricey but when they use only four ingredients all of which are natural you can’t go wrong! The truffles which took me forever to find are simply divine! I picked them up at Out of This World in Leeds city centre (they also stock the full sized boxes *hint hint James*) I love anything salted caramel and truffles were my favourite chocolates before going vegan so the fact that I can have two of the things I love without the guilt is perfect. There are only five products in the truffles (and they are all stuff I can pronounce). In this little pack you get two truffles and they retailed for around £1.99 some would say that’s crazy for two truffles but I simply challenge you to eat one and you will understand why it’s that price. Not only are they good for you they are the richest sweetest truffles you will ever eat! Go chat to them on Twitter.

116Last but certainly no means least is the fabulously British brand Seed and Bean. They have a lot of different flavours and not only are their products organic they pride themselves on being an ethically, organic small business with courageous flavours all you have to do is look at their website to see how creative they are. This was the very first vegan chocolate I had ever tried – I picked up a bar from you guessed it Out of This World and I was instantly impressed with their packaging. On the inside they tell you a little bit about their company and what they believe in, their packaging can also be recycled! Now on to the actual chocolate…. it is so rich and flavourful – if you’re not a fan of dark chocolate you may find this a little bit bitter but I don’t mind that, it just means you have to a square instead of a row which makes it last longer. There is the perfect balance of sea salt it’s not too strong and if you like “salty chocolate” you will not be disappointed. I think they make perfect gifts for people as their packaging is so eye catching. Find them on twitter here.

What I have shown you today is only a small fraction of what is out there on the market. Have you tried any of these products or perhaps what is your favourite vegan junk food!?


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